Linda deFlon administration

Linda deFlon

Steve Rhoades landscape architecture

Steve Rhoades
landscape architecture

Lisa Briscoe planning

Lisa Briscoe

Craig Rhodes landscape architecture

Craig Rhodes
landscape architecture

Robin Fordyce landscape architecture

Robin Fordyce
landscape architecture

Dave Ciaccio co-founder

Dave Ciaccio

Patti Banks co-founder

Patti Banks


Two decades ago, Patti Banks set out to provide sustainable landscape architecture and planning solutions for the simple reason it was the right thing to do – for our communities, for the environment and for our clients. From that point on, everyone who joined Patti Banks Associates was asked to live up to the same high expectations of client service and a true commitment to sustainability.

In 2012, Patti Banks Associates and Community ReDesigned, an Omaha-based landscape architecture and planning firm, combined capabilities to become Vireo.


Together, we have even deeper expertise, a broader reach and the same unwavering commitment to provide fresh, healthy and vigorous ideas – to be Vireo.