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Visual Communication & Graphic Design

Our graphics expertise focuses on brand identity design, educational graphic design, wayfinding, theme development and messaging, and educational and outreach materials. Our goal is to produce inspiring and forward-thinking visual communication strategies that bring ideas to life.


Roeland Park
Logo & Motto Design

Warrenton Comprehensive Plan Project Branding

Parkville Parks
Project Brand

Wichita Transit Talks Project
Branding & Campaign


National Park Service
3-Trails Interpretive Signage

Bluestem Prairie
Interpretive Signage

Pittsburg State University Campus Wayfinding & Signage

Lenexa Interpretive Signage Master Plan

Penn Valley Park
Signage & Wayfinding

Western Vista
Interpretive Signage

Parkville Riverfront
Park Signage

Minnesota Avenue
Gateway Signage

Design Visualization

Hand Sketches

Digital Renderings

3D Modeling

Video & Motiongraphics