Westin Crown Center

Kansas City, Missouri

Crown Center, one of Kansas City’s most prestigious hotel and retail destinations, is the site of one of Vireo’s high impact, sustainable urban landscapes in the region. As part of an on-going relationship with Crown Center Development spanning over 15 years, Vireo created a new, signature entrance to the hotel with careful attention to balancing pedestrian, transit and vehicular accommodation. The landscape reflects Vireo’s commitment to low waste, low water, low energy solutions through the use of native plants in ornamental ways, drip irrigation and reduction of mowing, trimming and other high energy maintenance activities.

Vireo also performed planting and hardscape design for Crown Center Square, a unique urban plaza in the heart of Kansas City. It is also the central feature of Grand Avenue Boulevard. The design is elegantly simple with groves of London Plane trees framing the interactive fountain. Given the trees are the design, the soils design and plant selection were tremendously important. The soils were designed to support plant growth and subgrade to the sidewalks.