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A Women's Business Enterprise (WBE)
Planning and Design Firm

Vireo: Landscape Architecture, Community Planning, Environmental Design, Ecological Services, and Graphic Arts in Kansas City and Omaha. We work to protect the health and vigor of communities through health impact assessments; and ecosystems through natural resource restoration. We bring ecology into the neighborhood, streetscape, streamway, greenway, parks, trails, playgrounds, campuses, plazas and beyond. Vireo plans for the people; we design solutions that include the community's input, increasing public buy-in and enhancing project success.

What will you do with your next idea?

Bring It to Life

Vireo’s multi-disciplined designers and planners are passionate about bringing FRESH ideas to life. We incorporate technological innovations, products and solutions into our everyday toolset, recognizing that a great idea is only as good as it is understood. We put your vision in motion, in 3-D and in your control through interactive media, impactful renderings, high resolution 3-D models, fly-through animations, and story-telling videos. Our focus is communicating your vision cost effectively. It puts YOU and us ahead of the competition.

For more examples of our work, CLICK HERE to open our visual communication and illustration guide.

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Bring FRESH Ideas to Life

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Kansas City

929 Walnut, Suite 700
Kansas City, Missouri 64106



1111 N. 13th Street, Suite 116
Omaha, Nebraska 68102



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