We Create Healthy Places for People

We aim to make a real impact, bringing life to open spaces and contributing to the livability and economic success of our communities. We listen to the people who care about the places in their lives and create ways to make their cities more vibrant, welcoming, inclusive, and reflective of the people who live and work there.

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Using Inclusive Processes

We use a participatory process to generate solutions. We coordinate to gather information about a project and its audiences, then use their feedback to develop a targeted design strategy.

With a Focus on the Environment

Our deep commitment to and knowledge of sustainable landscapes allows us to enhance a sense of place, while promoting healthy and biodiverse ecosystems with native plants.

And a Forward-Thinking Approach

From initial concepts to detailed construction implementation, including site grading, planting design, irrigation, and construction administration, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients and implementing their vision on budget, on schedule, and with high quality.

We begin each planning process by carefully evaluating the natural setting and resource conditions to determine potential solutions, such as managing stormwater, mitigating harmful impacts, and protecting or restoring ecosystems. Utilizing the information gathered and our collective experience, we develop realistic goals. Throughout the planning process, we consider current conditions, long-term needs, changing land use, and how to adapt to climate change over time.

Our work is sensitive to the national emphasis on sustainability, livability, and conservation of natural systems. We offer an approach to designing the built environment that enables the world and its fragile ecosystems to prosper. As designers and planners, we create practical solutions to address water management, promote biodiversity, use materials and energy efficiently, and promote health.


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