Through years of preparing designs and plans at all levels, we have established a team approach that draws from previous and ongoing work and our passion for quality landscape architecture, planning, and design. There are many reasons why Vireo has had repeat clients and partners over the years. Here are a few.

Landscape Architecture

  ...that responds to the site with a creative eye.

Our landscape and site design solutions are crafted with varied degrees of formality, complexity, and diversity. We study the spatial relationships and environmental influences unique to each project location to mimic or stand out from its natural context.


  ...that builds consensus and guides decisions.

Our approach is to first carefully listen to stakeholders to identify issues and solutions. We then bring together the many voices into a consensus vision using a combination of maps and other visualizations. We have a track record of linking planning efforts directly to implementation by identifying specific projects as part of the implementation strategy. 
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...that builds on assets of the client or community.

We begin each project by not only getting to know our client, but getting to know what they want to be known for. The graphics, signage, and various documents that we create for them highlight their key qualities and combine them with an intentional, creative look. Our objective is to craft a unique design that our clients can own for themselves.