Cerner Innovations Campus

Kansas City, Missouri

Conceived as “The Campus in the Prairie,” Cerner’s Innovations Campus features a landscape that owes much to the area’s rich cultural history, including the westward pioneers who forged trails through the region. Understated plant massings and carefully-selected combinations of robust ornamental grasses and perennials meld seamlessly with the geometric patterns that cut across the site to accentuate the vision of a modern, vibrant, technologically-rich Campus.

 Additionally, the site features more than 900 newly-planted trees (so far) to offset the carbon footprint and provide welcome shade to employees and visitors. All plant material was carefully selected to thrive in Kansas City’s challenging climate.

Vireo also collaborated on the design of several outdoor spaces, including a sunken courtyard featuring three beautiful Shantung Maples, multiple patio spaces, a rooftop terrace, and several exercise areas.