Okay, winter's finally over. So, here come the bugs.

After a cold, cold, long (did I mention cold?) Winter that felt like it would never end, we turn our attention to Spring and warmer weather. What does warmer weather bring besides outdoor sports, fantastic thundershowers and grilling outside? That’s right, insects!  Though we thought they should still be snuggled deep in their hibernation beds, they are coming out. Those pesky small black ants that make their way into area homes have already been spotted, and yesterday marked the first tick bite of the season for those of us in the KC office. It’s time to start thinking about protection from ticks, mosquitoes and chiggers when you, your children and pets venture outdoors!  The Brookside Animal Clinic has some helpful advice for the furry members of the family:  http://www.myvetonline.com/brooksideac/clinic-sitemap-dog-care-info-ticks-and-fleas.html