Nature is natural stress relief


In over 100 studies since the 1970’s, scientists have determined that living near, regularly viewing of and spending time within a natural, green environment is a good way to reduce stress and promote mental restoration.  Here are the top 5 green health benefits:

  1. Blood pressure lowers when actual natural settings are in view, more so than that of subjects who viewed a nature scene on a flat screen.

  2. The longer the amount of time a person spends in a green space, the greater the benefit.

  3. Exercise and gardening in the green environment increases the gain in physical and mental restoration.

  4. Public green spaces increase the opportunity for social interaction which reduces loneliness and fosters a sense of community; both of which provide psychological benefits to visitors.

  5. Measurable benefits even come from viewing nature from a window and include stress recovery and restoration from mental fatigue.

In a research brief by, the key findings of past research are discussed in detail. The impact of accessible, natural settings in our communities is profound, and simple.  

Landscape architects have been busy at work creating restorative, green refuges for urban dwellers for 156 years. It's what we do. That far back, in 1858, the father of landscape architecture - Fredrick Law Olmsted - created Central Park in New York City because he knew back then what a positive effect it could have on people. Today, we are taking restorative design past the park and leading the charge in evaluating sites, neighborhoods and communities based upon the health impacts those design decisions make.

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