Penn Valley Park Signage & Branding

Kansas City, Missouri

Penn Valley Park is located in Kansas City, Missouri and is one of the signature parks in George Kessler’s city-wide historic park system. The park includes a lake, Fire Fighters Memorial, skate park, dog park, picnic areas, Liberty Memorial, and the National World War I Museum.

Vireo completed a Signage and Branding Master Plan for the park as a part of the Penn Valley Park - Lake and Drive Renovation project. The concerns provided by the steering committee assembled for the project, were that getting to and through the park to the many amenities was difficult and they felt people who drove through or near the park didn’t even know it was a park.

The signage plan was created within a family of sign types; wayfinding, iconic, primary, secondary, destination, and park courtesies. The sign design gives a nod to the history of Kessler’s vision while still being relative to today’s needs and standards.